"I'm honored to be contributing to an interactive curriculum that is groundbreaking in nature and incredibly impactful in scope! I wish an opportunity like this existed when I was a teen!" 

Matt Pinto, Voice of Oklahoma city thunder
Matt Pinto, Voice of Oklahoma City Thunder

Anything extraordinary starts as an extraordinary single idea. And that's exactly how our story begins. The YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy was built from a dream to create a platform where high school students, from all over the U.S., don’t have to wait to launch their sports broadcasting career…from the comfort of home!

The best compliment we've ever received from a graduate? "The YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy doesn’t have professional teachers, they have professionals that teach". Taylor Weiss, Los Angeles, CA

You are serious about your future. Our team of the sports industry seasoned professionals is serious about helping you make it a bright one! Apply today so we can help fast-track your sports broadcasting career. We look forward to partnering with you and creating life-long memories along the way.

“The Next Generation of Sports Broadcasters Start Here!”

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