If you’re a young man or a young lady in high school and considering a career that will satisfy your desire to be near the action, even if you’re not a jock, don’t be discouraged. Today there are more ways than ever to incorporate your love for sports into a well-paying, highly-satisfying professional sports-related career someday...and you may already have a head start in the necessary skills and interest level to get in the game. But you need an edge so don’t wait to get started!

A unique extra-curricular activity, the YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy is a 2-hour weekly training over 10-weeks. While our program focuses on the foundations of sports broadcasting, students are also introduced to other career paths in the professional sports arena. Students also receive extensive professional development training giving them a significant edge over their peers. Exposure to these skill sets benefit our graduates regardless of their ultimate career choice. Students begin to establish extremely valuable relationships and contacts within the highest levels of the sport broadcasting industry. Each week fellow classmates and a faculty member from all over the United States log into a live and interactive online classroom (video conference).

College admissions committees and departments consider myriad of factors in the admissions decision. One factor underestimated by many students (and parents) is the extra-curricular activities in which students participated while in high school. MUST WATCH: 90 second video presented by Jeff Brenzel, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Yale University. MUST READ: YSN Graduate Success Story - Freshman, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Learn about Kaard here.

All candidates submitting applications understand that acceptance into the Academy is offered purely for personal development and enrichment purposes by those pursuing a passion/interest in sports broadcasting as a career. This educational experience is not intended to prepare students for employment upon completion of the Academy. Future employment opportunities will require advanced education, internships and/or volunteer experience.

Program Highlights/Benefits

  • Graduates receive YSN certification (80% attendance required)

  • Two consecutive online class hours per week

  • 10-week web-based curriculum from the comfort and convenience of home

  • Faculty members - seasoned sports broadcasting professionals with real-world experience

  • Opportunity to upload short, on-location sports segments on our website (for selected YSN Reporters)

  • Build valuable sports broadcasting professional contacts nationwide now

  • Program developed by professional sports broadcasters for young aspiring sports broadcasters

  • Online educational experience

  • Community of learners - interaction and practice with & classmates anytime/anywhere

  • Start sports broadcasting career now...before college

  • Proves to future college admissions committees and future employers that the Academy student has invested early in pursuit of a sports-related career

  • Build confidence, poise, composure, and develop public speaking skills regardless of career choice

  • Professional Development