Letter from Academy President

Letter From Academy President

“I want to thank all the sports and business professionals, our graduates and their parents, for believing in our program. I am sincerely humbled and honored to serve you all in this way.”

Academy president

Thank you for visiting our website.

It’s been quite a journey being able to work with such dynamic and talented young, aspiring sports broadcasters.

In the early years, we launched a weekly, hour-long television broadcast in the Central Florida market. The show featured area high school students as YSN Sports Reporters airing on Spectrum (formerly Bright House Networks) in Orlando, FL.

Soon after, we were extremely excited to premiere the “YSN Show with Scott and Ryan”. Both just 10th graders, Scott and Ryan co-hosted a prime-time, weekly sports radio talk show before a live studio audience with sports celebrities flying in from all over the U.S. as studio guests. The show was broadcast live on stations throughout the U.S. and Canada from the ESPN Club at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. As incoming high school freshmen, the overwhelming overload of teenage peer-pressure begins a dramatic story of expulsion from school, devastating separation of long-time best friends, a marriage strained and teen life-long lessons learned all leading up to this amazing accomplishment… the “YSN Show with Scott and Ryan”.

That was followed by our wildest idea yet. Why not? Why not share this incredibly, family-friendly, heart-tugging story as a short story, motion picture? Currently, we are in pre-production and look to release the “The Scott and Ryan Story” in 2022. It will include an educational component/lesson plan and a movie file will be sent to public and private high schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. HTTPS://YSNFILMS.COM 

What followed was a test-piloted, on-site weekly summer program for South Florida area high school students on the campus of Nova Southeastern University - Main campus in Davie, FL. Local sports personalities appeared in person and national personalities appeared via video-conference.

In 2021, our excitement continues as we will simultaneously launch the YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy On-Demand course and the Teen Sports Podcast Network on Spotify, to start.

So as you navigate our website, we hope you get a good sense of our proud past, and more importantly, our very exciting future.

Lastly, I want to thank all the sports and business professionals, graduates and parents for believing in our program. I am sincerely humbled and honored to serve you all in this way. 

So join us we promote the games… and our aspiring youth sports broadcasters who want to tell the world about them.

Stay tuned,  Jaime Rivera 

Bright House Networks
Ryan Lebruno, 15
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