Launch Date: October 1, 2022

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The Teen Sports Podcast Network (TSPN) is a ground-breaking, national network of high school students serving as hosts of their own sports podcasts. Network podcasters have completed a thorough selection process. Each show covers sports related topics and current events (youth/college/professional) from a Teen perspective.

Network Features/Provides:

  • Complete training and support provided (TSPN Training manual included)

  • Network books all call-in guest appearances

  • Submits Podcaster press releases to local media

  • Provides 30 Sports “Topics and Issues” PowerPoint slides (content for podcast discussion - see below)

  • Network provides editing of all shows prior to publishing

  • Official TSPN polo shirt

  • Official TSPN mic flag

  • Official TSPN press badge

Application Requirements:

  • Online application must be completed by student and a parent (or legal guardian)

  • Upload most recent copy of H.S. transcript or report card

  • Upload Teacher or Counselor recommendation on school letterhead

  • Upload photo headshot with solid color background wall

  • Essay on application - "Why do you want to be accepted to the TSPN?" (minimum 100 - maximum 150 word limit)

  • Online video interview conducted by TSPN National Director, Masterclass Lead Instructor/Coach, and President of YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy

30 Sports Topics and Issues:

From a Teen Perspective

(Additional topics/issues accepted upon approval)

  • Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Trends

  • Covid-19 impact on sports

  • Explosion of Skateboarding

  • Performing-enhancing drugs reaching into high schools, middle schools, and Olympics

  • Sports Betting

  • Is hazing a good thing or a bad?

  • Adult behavior/parent pressure on youth sports “drop-outs”

  • How young is too young to play competitive sports?

  • Abuse by coaches in youth sports

  • Favoritism in youth sports

  • Girls playing in boy sports

  • Transgender athletes

  • Parent pressures to earn a college scholarship

  • Competition versus fun/play

  • High costs of playing youth sports

  • Sportsmanship (winning and losing)

  • Parents living vicariously through their children

  • Should kids play more than one sport?

  • Appropriate levels (Should kids play “up”?)

  • Playing time on travel/select teams

  • Safety in youth sports/concussion protocol

  • Should professional athletes be expected to be role-models?

  • Should MMA be legal?

  • Should steroid users be elected into the Hall of Fame?

  • What is the most unbreakable record in sports?

  • College basketball one-and-done rule

  • Is instant replay helping or hurting sports?

  • Child obesity and nutrition

Launch Date: October 1, 2022

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