YSN Radio


“The YSN Sports Focus”

Live Student Weekly Broadcast on

Local Network Radio

Miami, Florida

From a youth perspective, academy students will tackle and debate sports topics, issues, events and games of the day with call-in and in-studio guests:

  • Performance enhancing drugs reaching into H.S.’s and even middle schools

  • Should athletes be expected to be role-models?

  • Should college athletes be paid?

  • Should ads be on jerseys?

  • Can soccer become the fifth major sport?

  • Should MMA be legal?

  • Should steroid users be in the Hall of Fame?

  • Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

  • Concussion protocol

  • Parent pressure on child to earn a college scholarship

  • Adult behavior/parent pressure on youth sports “drop-outs”

  • Parents living vicariously through their children

  • What is the most unbreakable record in sports?

  • College basketball one-and-done rule?

  • Is instant replay helping?

  • How young is too young to play competitive sports?

  • Playing more than one sport (coaches pressure to commit to one only)

  • Abuse by coaches

  • Favoritism

  • Girls playing in boy sports

  • Obesity/Nutrition

  • Hazing

  • Competition versus fun (youth play versus youth)

  • Playing time on travel/select teams

  • Safety

  • Appropriate levels (Should kids play “up”?)